Course dates and content

11 – 15. January 2021

Online – live from Tallinn

Service design, the customer experience and innovation

You will learn the fundamentals of the service design mind-set, processes and toolkit, that help to develop new and improve existing services. You will also design the process for developing your organisation’s project that you will be working on throughout the whole program.

01 – 05. March 2021

Online – live from Maastricht

Re-defining the problem from the customer’s point-of-view

During this week you will look at the bigger picture of organisational design and explore what the strategic and organisational implications are of becoming a customer-centric organisation. Your work on your organisation’s project will involve going in-depth on organisational culture and human behaviour.

12 – 16. April 2021

Online – live from Riga

Getting to really know your customer

When it comes to acquiring a customer and contextual understanding, you have to find a good balance between deeper and broader insight. This course segment will teach you more advanced research methods and how to work more efficiently and effectively through triangulation. Your work on your organisation’s project will involve direct user research and the merging of qualitative and quantitative data.

24 – 28. May 2021

Online – live from Maastricht

Creating and testing solutions

The best ideas are the ones that get implemented. This week will focus on advanced ideation techniques to boost your organisations creativity as well as for the methods and processes to ensure, that ideas are executed as intended. Your organisation’s project will proceed along the same trajectory with internal work to develop testable concepts with key stakeholders.

28. June – 02. July 2021

Online – live from Riga

The business of delivering services

Delivering services sustainably, means understanding where the costs are and what to measure. In this module we look at the business models behind services, how to plan and measure implementation and how to identify the roles and resources needed to deliver. The week will wrap up with a look at marketing and how that ties to service design.

23 – 27. August 2021

Online – live from Tallinn

Delivering the organisational change

Service design is not someone’s job, but a business and organisational development method that is applied broadly throughout the organisation. This requires the knowledge and skills to be spread wide and to create “buy-in” from top-to-bottom of the organisation. You will learn how to facilitate this change and how to deliver convincing arguments to diverse stakeholder groups. The course will wrap up with a glamorous graduation ceremony.

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